Ifigo is a system to store your records and notes in an eVault. Records such as your WIFI password, online accounts, and other stuff you need to prevent from being lost. All the content in your eVault will be disbursed according to your instructions.

IFIGO helps you ensure that your records get to those you intended for.

IFIGO is designed to be user-friendly and secure. All your content will be encrypted. Only you can access (with your 2FA authentication) what you write and manage. IFIGO also uses all the necessary technologies to secure and protect your data. And when the time comes, your recipients will receive them.

All of us need an IFIGO account for a one-stop service that will give you an assurance and a peace of mind knowing that there are no more worries about unfinished business, things left unsaid, and leaving your loved ones in a state of loss.


Experience IFIGO's full features now!

It is understandable if you are unsure about IFIGO and how it works. Because IFIGO is new. Why not try it first.


USD per month billed annually!

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