1. Will there be a chance of my intended recipients knowing what I am giving each of them?

    • IFIGO will execute according to your directives. Unless otherwise stated, the contents will be disbursed ONLY to the intended recipient(s). Even the Verifier will not have access to the account holder's content/directives.

  2. Can I change my mind and make changes along the way?

    • Yes, you may make changes to your account at your discretion. You have full control over your account.

  3. Can I nominate someone else to take over this account and continue paying the subscription?

    • Each account can only have 1 designated user. The purpose of IFIGO is to help you manage your affairs efficiently upon your demise. It will defeat the purpose to continue maintaining this account after your passing, regardless of the reason.

  4. Can anyone contest the disbursement of my account after my passing?

    • Everything is contestable. But IFIGO will not be involved or liable for any of the legal proceedings as the contents are by the account holders and are encrypted. We have no access to the content.

  5. How secure is my data?

    • We recognized the seriousness of personal data.  We use the latest and necessary technology in data protection and other security matters. This will help minimize and mitigate the risk factor of a data breach.


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