Manage them before you lose it!

"In my line of work, undesirable things can happen anytime. To be prepared and to plan for the future are very important. Especially for my loved ones. That is why I need IFIGO!"

C. H. Liew 
(40 Years Old)

"At my age, I want to believe that I can live forever. But that is wishful thinking. You and I know that. That is why I need IFIGO to reduce the hassle for my loved ones after my passing!"

K. Rajah
(81 Years Old)

"The Internet has made my life easier, and I can do many things online.  But my online accounts are only accessible by me. What will happen to them if I pass on... suddenly?"

Rose Mawar
(53 Years Old)

What is IFIGO?

Ifigo is a system to store your information and other notes in your eVault. Content in your eVault will be sent to your recipients accordingly upon your demise. 
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Most times, no one besides ourselves knows where our digital assets are. Even our loved ones. Even if they know, accessing them is near impossible if they do not have the access information.
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How Does It Work?

IFIGO was designed to help you manage  your access information and it is user-friendly. In just a few steps you can start using it.
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Experience IFIGO's full features now!

It is understandable if you are unsure about IFIGO and how it works. Because IFIGO is new. Why not try it first.


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